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Pre-Fabricated Vertical Drains (PVD)

At times, engineers are required to build on sites founded on soft compressible soils in the construction of buildings, infrastructures and other structures. In such instances, it would be necessary to improve the soft compressible soils before constructing any structures on them.

Presently, there are various methods available to improve the soft compressible soils. Soil improvement with Prefabricated Vertical Drains (PVD) or sometimes know as wickdrains, is among the most economical method to expedite the consolidation process.



Benefits of Using PVD

  • High water discharge capacity to ensure sound safety factor
  • The unique and flexible core will not pinch off or flatten the drains bend and folds during the consolidation of the soils.
  • High compressive strength of the core to prevent the collapse of the flow path
  • Deep installation exceeding 40m depth
  • Light weigh
  • Customized core and filter jacket to suit particular soil conditions
  • Minimum disturbance to the soil during installation
  • Fast installation
  • Short consolidation period
  • Well proven performance in many projects under different soil consolidation